Is your church completing the Great Commission? Does your leadership team have momentum, expectation, and excitement about the direction of your organization?  Do you know what your next move needs to be, to accomplish your ultimate goals?

We help leaders develop and execute strategies for growth, believing that transformed ministries result in transformed lives.  Our strategists and coaches help guide churches through the process of vision development, leadership excellence and strategic planning.  

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You have a vision, a picture in your mind about the way the future could be.  You think about the church that could be built, the people who could be discipled, the poor who could be served, and the mission that could be accomplished.  You think of the lives that could change, the families that could be restored, the addicts who could be set free, the souls who could be introduced to Jesus for the first time.


Your vision won’t happen if you leave your ministry on auto-pilot. It won’t happen if you do what your members or staff think is safe, traditional and comfortable.  You won’t go farther than you are today if you keep doing what you did yesterday.

Visioneering is the way one sees what, how, where, and sometimes who one wants to be; or for a company, where, what or how the company is going to be in the future. It is in the subconscious mind not the eyes. Vision is created. It is a creation of visualized idea or ideas one considers when carrying about or engaged in any undertaking. These ideas, which later on are crafted into the direction the organization will be taking, form a kind of picture in the mind of the person; waiting to be nurtured into reality.

Perhaps you need more training, more funding, more time, or more expertise.  Perhaps you know where you’d like to go, but have no realistic way to get there.  Maybe you aren’t even sure you should be thinking about bold, new ideas right now.

Challenges Ahead Road Sign

Visioneering is very pivotal in the plans of any organization; actually it forms the basis of any organisation mission statement and strategy from which the business plan is formed.

It is normally the lifeline of any organization either a start-up or an existing company but to be a successful corporate leader takes a good vision. Thus given the fact that a business plan has been formed on the basis of a good corporate vision, may suggest that a successful organization is in the offing as a result of good and effective leadership. It will also show that the leadership is organized.

Success is subjective and could be measured by any benchmark; however, in corporate terms, it is usually measured in terms of achieving the targets set according to the plans of the organization which has already been mentioned earlier on as emanating from the Visioneering of the organization.

Leadership Outreach was founded to help people like you face questions like that. Perhaps you are a pastor thinking that its time to take a big next step as a congregation, but you aren’t sure how to define it, or how to bring your people on board.  Perhaps you lead a non-profit, and while you believe the impact-potential is endless, you don’t  have a step-by-step plan to mobilize volunteers and inspire donors.

We’d love to help. Our team is ready to partner with you in developing and executing your strategy for growth.

Visioneering is an exciting process with many unknowns about the future. Yet, everything great begins with someone taking a risk. And a first step.

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