Mentoring Church and Nonprofit Leaders For Greater Impact

pip-leaderGrowing organizations are led by growing leaders. Even the greatest athletes retain the counsel of mentors and coaches throughout their careers. Like professional athletes, ministry leaders need the support and advice of godly mentors and coaches who have navigated the waters of change and survived the challenges that come with growth. Whether raising significant capital resources, negotiating difficult staffing transitions, or inspiring people to embrace your ministry’s mission, leadership coaching is an invaluable tool in helping the leader, and their team, fulfill their calling.

Our objective is to accelerate the growth and effectiveness of ministries by helping them fine-tune the leadership skills necessary to increase their outreach and scale their organization.

Our services include:

  • One-on-one Leadership Mentoring
  • Team leadership assessment and training to create and maintain team effectiveness.
  • Assessing corporate culture and organizational processes in order to make recommendations for greater ministry health.
  • Coaching organizations before, during, and after significant leadership changes.
  • Facility Expansion Coaching—Walking senior leaders through the process of building or renovating a facility. This service includes an analysis of fundraising plans, building plans, acquisition plans, and debt servicing.

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