pip-visionA clearly defined vision acts as an organization’s True North by clarifying priorities and focusing the ministries resources on God’s unique purpose for that organization. Through our facilitated meetings, Leadership Outreach coaches work with your leadership team to discover and clarify your ministry vision.

Pastors and not-for-profit leaders must cast a compelling vision for the future of their ministry in order to rally the support of their followers, team, and stakeholders. How do you distinguish between a good idea and a God idea? Discovering God’s clear direction for your ministry is vital to the health and growth of your ministry. Let the staff and seasoned leadership veterans at Leadership Outreach help you prayerfully discover and uncover God’s dream for the future of your ministry.

Our services include:

  • Facilitating discussion with your team to craft a comprehensive vision summary and a concise vision statement
  • Developing an organizational SWOT analysis
  • Producing and evaluating a customized member/stakeholder survey
  • Evaluating your leadership team’s strengths and giftedness
  • Helping you define your organization’s guiding principles


pip-strategyOnce an organization has clearly defined their long-range vision, the next step is to create the step-by-step plans to achieve that vision. Leadership Outreach strategists work with your team to set long-term ministry goals, quantifiable yearly objectives, supporting strategies, and detailed action plans. Together we will determine the factors that are critical to your ministry’s success and work to identify and overcome the barriers to growth.

Strategic Planning is simply a process of making decisions. It is an ongoing leadership tool whereby an organization envisions its future and develops goals, objectives, strategies, and action plans to achieve that future. A compelling vision without a well-developed strategic plan may produce some good results but not the explosive growth that could occur if both vision and strategy were clearly aligned.

Typically this plan is created in two, three-day sessions whereby we come along side the organization and direct them through the process. Each strategic plan becomes a new way of life for the organization, not simply a check off list. Our unique facilitation exercises make strategy development easy.

Our services include:

  • Making recommendations based on a comprehensive demographic analysis of your ministry area.
  • Conducting a ministry health assessment to measure the effectiveness of current strategies and systems.
  • Facilitating meetings with key leadership to create the organization’s vision statement, mission statement, long-term goals, measureable objectives, and prioritized strategies.
  • Identifying the critical success factors and key performance indicators that must be achieved for sustained growth as well as the barriers that stand in the way of progress.
  • Writing detailed action plans for the organization’s priority strategies.


pip-leaderGrowing organizations are led by growing leaders. Even the greatest athletes retain the counsel of mentors and coaches throughout their careers. Like professional athletes, ministry leaders need the support and advice of godly mentors and coaches who have navigated the waters of change and survived the challenges that come with growth. Whether raising significant capital resources, negotiating difficult staffing transitions, or inspiring people to embrace your ministry’s mission, leadership coaching is an invaluable tool in helping the leader, and their team, fulfill their calling.

Our objective is to accelerate the growth and effectiveness of ministries by helping them fine-tune the leadership skills necessary to increase their outreach and scale their organization.

Our services include:

  • One-on-one Leadership Mentoring
  • Team leadership assessment and training to create and maintain team effectiveness.
  • Assessing corporate culture and organizational processes in order to make recommendations for greater ministry health.
  • Coaching organizations before, during, and after significant leadership changes.
  • Facility Expansion Coaching—Walking senior leaders through the process of building or renovating a facility. This service includes an analysis of fundraising plans, building plans, acquisition plans, and debt servicing.


The challenges of leading a church or non-profit ministry can be daunting. Navigating the rapidly changing ministry environment of the 21st century demands faith filled leaders who make wise decisions in a timely manner…with the weight of eternal significance on their shoulders. Who better to guide and direct these leaders than other leaders who have walked the path before them? Wisdom is costly if you must learn all of life’s lessons the hard way. It is far better to have a guide on the side to mentor and coach you.

The Apostle Paul modeled this to his mentee Timothy when he said, “…The things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.” (2 Timothy 2:2)  Likewise, Solomon wrote in Proverbs, “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.” (Proverbs 15:22)

What do you have to offer? Maybe you are a veteran business professional who can come alongside an emerging ministry leader to share some wisdom, advice, or life experience. Perhaps you are a seasoned minister who has walked the path of pastoral ministry and you can impart some information, confidence or emotional support to a younger minister.

Contact Leadership Outreach today and consider becoming part of a team that inspires the next generation to accomplish great things for the Kingdom of God.


Velocity is a gathering of people who aspire to make a difference for God in their generation. Status quo is not an option. Each month a group of like-minded Christian leaders gather to learn, dialogue, and network for the purpose of fulfilling their God-given mission.

Velocity, the training arm of Leadership Outreach, is more than a lecture class.  It includes dialogue, networking, and accountability.  Our goal is not to disseminate more information. Our goal is the change the world…one leader at a time.

Taught and facilitated by Pastor Tim Neptune, each month our discussions center on some facet of leadership development. Whether you are a life seasoned veteran executive or an emerging leader looking to gain insight, Velocity is a great place to exchange ideas, learn best practices, and sharpen your leadership skills.

We invite you to join the journey… 

Discover your purpose…

Build on your strengths…

Collaborate with others...

And who knows… you might just change the world!

Meeting Schedule:
No Velocity meetings are currently scheduled at this time.

Velocity is a free event sponsored by Leadership Outreach.  Childcare is not provided.

Velocity meets at the Leadership Outreach office:
12336 Tamiami Trail East
Unit 301
Naples, FL 34113