Absolutely thrilled with the outcome of our sessions. Our congregation is motivated and excited to work on our strategic plan! So grateful we did this!
Reverend  Melodee Bottari
Leadership Outreach brought our thoughts to life! – Gregory T. Piwinski

The knowledge and insight provided by Leadership Outreach was not only enlightening, it was motivational. By the end of the sessions you could actually see the process, step by step, to achieving the desired end results. We couldn’t wait to get started.  Karen Brawner

 I didn’t understand how much a strategic plan could help a company like ours in the beginning. But Leadership Outreach helped me understand and made the process easy and fun to do with the whole company. Ron Robertson

Leadership Outreach has helped our company clearly define our agenda, purpose and plan. They made it seem very simple and painless while bringing complete clarity to our business plan moving forward. We are now taking this information and turning into reality. Leadership Outreach really understands the process of defining who you are, what you do and how to get to where you want to be.  Donnie Brawner

Leadership Outreach was very professional in every aspect. Tim was approachable and was well prepared. I never thought about everything that goes into creating a strategic plan. It was very exciting to be a part of the building process of our organization. Clayton Avery

This is a great program to get you thinking about and planning the future of your organization! It facilitates teamwork to identify your focus areas and specific action steps to execute the plan. Adam Roosa

We are more organized and on the road to a successful future. Jimmy Frink

Going through the strategic planning process helped me to understand better how to accomplish the vision and the mission of an organization.  Fernando Facioli, Pastor

It takes not one, but many leaders to drive a business forward. Leadership Outreach empowers their clients to find order and drive in any scenario.  Robert Flagg

Leadership Outreach is the missing “leg” we prayed for so long in our ministry. In so many cases, it’s not a lack of passion, commitment, or vision that’s slowing things down. It’s the unique ability to pull out the key issues and then structure things in such a way as to best facilitate a preferred future. LO put the “traction” in our ministry we’ve been missing! They made what’s foggy become clear and what’s good become better. Rick Groover, Pastor

Our time with Tim Neptune and Leadership Outreach was truly a blessing and God ordained. They had the unique ability to discover who we are and then lead us through a process of planning that will make our ministry more productive. Thank you for all you have done for Celebration Ministries.  Tracey Groover

Participating in a strategy session facilitated by Leadership Outreach was a wonderful experience. Having participated in similar sessions inside the General Electric organization, I was a bit skeptical of what could be achieved in just a few days. However, after the first day I was confident we would meet all our goals for the strategy session. They presented a clear, systematic approach to strategy that flowed well and encouraged participation by all team members. Tim is a great facilitator and knows the right questions (and when to ask them) to keep the ball rolling. To have a step-by-step plan that guides our organization into the future is a huge breakthrough. There is a contagious excitement that was missing before and we look forward to all that lies ahead! Adam Vogel

 I feel the sessions were very helpful to our organization. I think our company has a clear direction for future growth. I would recommend this training to any growing company.  Derick Richardson
Transformed Ministries. Transformed Lives.