Non Profit Consulting

pip-strategyOnce an organization has clearly defined their long-range vision, the next step is to create the step-by-step plans to achieve that vision. Leadership Outreach strategists work with your team to set long-term ministry goals, quantifiable yearly objectives, supporting strategies, and detailed action plans. Together we will determine the factors that are critical to your ministry’s success and work to identify and overcome the barriers to growth.

Strategic Planning is simply a process of making decisions. It is an ongoing leadership tool whereby an organization envisions its future and develops goals, objectives, strategies, and action plans to achieve that future. A compelling vision without a well-developed strategic plan may produce some good results but not the explosive growth that could occur if both vision and strategy were clearly aligned.

Typically this plan is created in two, three-day sessions whereby we come along side the organization and direct them through the process. Each strategic plan becomes a new way of life for the organization, not simply a check off list. Our unique facilitation exercises make strategy development easy.

Our services include:

  • Making recommendations based on a comprehensive demographic analysis of your ministry area.
  • Conducting a ministry health assessment to measure the effectiveness of current strategies and systems.
  • Facilitating meetings with key leadership to create the organization’s vision statement, mission statement, long-term goals, measureable objectives, and prioritized strategies.
  • Identifying the critical success factors and key performance indicators that must be achieved for sustained growth as well as the barriers that stand in the way of progress.
  • Writing detailed action plans for the organization’s priority strategies.

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