Mission: Your Inspiration Or Your Destination?

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Mission: Remember what once captured your heart?  The reason you got involved?

Some leaders have the mission firmly planted in their hearts, but only loosely conceived in their minds. That is, they care immensely for their work, but they haven’t really mapped a plan for the next steps, and the steps after those.  Good intentions, yes.  A clear road, no.

Imagine this: what if your completed mission wasn’t just your inspiration, but rather, your destination?  What if you had a specific game plan in hand, with well-thought-out action plans?  What if you could show your team the logical, value-driven steps that would result in your mission being accomplished?

What if you could chart out the most strategic ways to use your time, invest your resources, and deploy your volunteers, then be released to go out and make it happen?

That’s where strategic planning comes in, and where quality coaching can turn your visionary ideas to change the world into a task list for implementers, volunteers and donors.

The process isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. It begins with an honest assessment of where you are, and where you’d like to end up. 

  • Reaching your city with the Good News?
  • Multiplying the membership and reach of your church?
  • Serving a specific community need?
  • Educating children in wisdom?
  • Tackling an impossible global task?

Completing your mission takes not only the courage to dream, but a strategy to implement.  This is where Leadership Outreach can help. Using proven methods to facilitate plans for churches and non-profit organizations, our seasoned coaches and strategists can come alongside your ministry, helping you (and your team) take important next steps.

Our mission is to help you accomplish yours.

We’d love to hear your dreams, engage your staff, and help you define specific, actionable, realistic and measurable objectives.

Your mission is too important to attempt without a plan.  So let’s get started!

Call and speak with a Leadership Outreach strategist, to see how our coaches can come alongside your ministry team.

We help churches and non-profits facilitate strategic plans by working through three key areas of development:  vision, strategy and leadership.

If your organization keeps doing what it’s doing, will your mission ever be accomplished?

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