Logical Tests for Your Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan: “will all of our activity yield the results we want”?

Everything at the bottom of your strategic plan must add up to the line on top.  That is, all of your activities and action items should, when added together over time, accomplish your vision.

If they don’t, you may do a lot of good work, but you’ll never see your mission completed.

At Leadership Outreach, we help churches and non-profits develop the kind of growth strategies that can pass this sort of logical test, and at each level of the plan, we can help you and your team think it through.

  • If we execute every strategy we’ve written down, will we overcome every known barrier, and set in motion every factor necessary for success?
  • If we could check off every one of this year’s objectives, will we be satisfied that we met our goals?
  • Do the goal areas we have identified really add up to mission completion?
  • In summary, will all of our activity yield the results we want?

We have found that this is one of the best reasons to work with a third party during the development of an organization-wide strategic plan. A Leadership Outreach strategist can help navigate the conversation, and even at points where it may be uncomfortable, enforce the “logical tests” necessary to take the ideas of your team and turn them into actionable plans.

For example, churches often have lists of ministry activities and fairly complex budgets dedicated to maintaining them. But is that activity and investment really in line with the vision the church has for its future? And for accomplishing its mission in the community?  What if members, staff and volunteers are spending time and money in ineffective ways, not because the activity in question is “bad,” but because it isn’t properly aligned with overall objectives?

As we often say, “your mission is too important to attempt without a plan.”  Building that plan is an exciting process, a chance to focus on what counts the most, and then target resources and effort in the right direction.  If you’d like some help, or just receive some friendly coaching, give us a call, or fill out the interest form here.

About the Author–Dan Jarvis is a certified strategists with Leadership Outreach and a free-lance writer. He is the editor of Revive! Magazine, a publication of Life Action Ministries. Dan is the author of Commissioned, a book detailing the explosive growth of the local church in India. Dan can be reached at Dan@leadershipoutreach.com.

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