Church Growth


Church Growth

A clearly defined vision acts as an organization’s True North by clarifying priorities and focusing the ministries resources on God’s unique purpose for that organization. Through our facilitated meetings, Leadership Outreach coaches work with your leadership team to discover and clarify your ministry vision.

Pastors and not-for-profit leaders must cast a compelling vision for the future of their ministry in order to rally the support of their followers, team, and stakeholders. How do you distinguish between a good idea and a God idea? Discovering God’s clear direction for your ministry is vital to the health and growth of your ministry. Let the staff and seasoned leadership veterans at Leadership Outreach help you prayerfully discover and uncover God’s dream for the future of your ministry.

Our services include:

  • Facilitating discussion with your team to craft a comprehensive vision summary and a concise vision statement
  • Developing an organizational SWOT analysis
  • Producing and evaluating a customized member/stakeholder survey
  • Evaluating your leadership team’s strengths and giftedness
  • Helping you define your organization’s guiding principles

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Church growth is every pastor’s dream. Usually, the concept of church growth is limited to refer only to an increase in church attendance without considering the quality of its members. When quality is set aside, the church may grow in number but may not remain stable and end up splitting into several groups.

Many new found churches aspire to know the secrets of church growth. Studies, conferences and books are full with advice on effective church growth strategies that Christian leaders should consider to become mega churches. These recommendations usually come from churches that experienced significant growth and success stories.

In trying to grow a church, it is always a good idea to seek help from other sources. As your church is still in its nascent stage, it needs to develop itself both organizationally and spiritually. You as a church leader need to develop to your own set of capabilities especially your leadership skills to effectively shepherd your flock.


With the rise of technology and materialism come a number of misconceptions about church and church related issues. One of these misconceptions concerns church growth. Church growth seminars are published in many websites and mass media. It appears that the trend is for churches to grow in number or else something is wrong with that church.

Natural church growth is defined as the continuous arrival of new members in which they are neither forced nor persuaded to become part of it. Willingness is a key term in this phenomenon since natural church growth happens when people see that they will benefit from the church membership.

Church growth is vital in every church ministry. There are several resources offered online and books that are available about church growth ministries. Before you choose resources and run through it you must first consider its reliability.

The concept of church growth had already existed right from the moment churches are established. In fact, there are cases when church leaders are throwing negative things about the other ministry. This should not be tolerated. All ministries have the right to grow and preach the word of God.

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